All Friends

Paas and Kegeltje are the best of friends and they both enjoy good food and friends! Their friends like to join them anytime they have a new idea to do something nice. Would you like to know the favourite dishes of Paas and Kegeltje and their friends favourites, just read on.


loves to make jokes and play games. Kegeltje is his closest friend, because he alwasys has such good and funny ideas. Cooking? Well..... Paas goes for fast and easy. Paas loves carrots and salads.

Favourites: ice creams and salads

Kegeltje is full of ideas. A party or a cooking contest? No problem, Kegeltje will arrange everything. He enjoys cooking and the company of his friends. Kegeltje likes to share his recipes with his friends and he loves it when he receives theirs.
Favourites: pancakes and wraps

Rosie is a jack of all trades. It maybe sounds a bit funny, but Rosie is so quick! She uses all of her 8 legs to make the most delicious food. She is crazy about everything sweet.

Favourites: cotton candy

loves food. Actually he likes everything, but he fancies fruit and potatoes the most. He uses this ingredients to make the most delicious dishes. In his kitchen he goes a bit wild now and then. Wildman certainly knows how to make a big mess!

Favourites: stews

Foxy keeps it smart and easy. He loves Italian food. Tomatoes and tomato sauce are his favourite ingredients. Foxy likes to cook, but he often drops by his friends. When? About dinertime of course!
Favourites: pasta and tomatoes

Enrico en Frederico
are crazy about cooking. Hearty or sweet pies, cookies, applecake. The like to try different things. And sometimes it goes completely wrong. Like that one time they put to much corn in their pan. The popcorn bursted out of their treehouse!

Favourites: pies! 

Blab and Hush
are fond of veggies and soup. Their two kids enjoy helping out in the kitchen. They love to stir and taste the soups.

Favourites: soup, especially green soups!

The little birds
in the forest like to help out everyone who needs a hand. They sprinkle little coloured sweets on top of the desserts, gather some herbs or just sing jolly songs. They also help cleaning up the floor by picking all the crumbs that are left behind...

Favourites: sandwiches